Our Expert

Rahil Thaker

Chief Executive Officer

An alumnus of the University of Ballarat, Sydney, Rahil has worked in the corporate world for 14 long years. With his unique corporate leadership strategies and insights, many companies have grown to be the leaders in their respective domains. Rahil has been associated with various domains like Customer Service, Sales & Business Development, Recruitment and Advisory. He is flexible in working with all sorts of clients, may it be in the field of Accounting & Taxation, Information Technology, Business Process Management, Recruitment and the likes.

The inspiration to start R.A.R.E.Sol came to him when he saw ill-suited employees working tirelessly for organizations. In order to create a wholesome organization, one has to satisfy clients while keeping the staff satisfied and Rahil created this platform to bring this vision into a reality. He has got a truly new meaning to Remote Services platform.

It is due to his indomitable spirit and dedication that the humble beginning of R.A.R.E.Sol in Ahmedabad expanded to three different locations around the world. Rahil’s biggest motivation is to watch the clients hire enthusiastic employees who can fit completely into a big family-like organization. For him, quality matters more than quantity and a similar driving force works behind the strategies of R.A.R.E.Sol.


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