Our Expert

Bhavya Mehta

Subject Matter Expert

Bhavya has successfully executed several projects in his 6+ years experience as a Subject Matter Expert. He has expertise in managing work-flow, managing workforce, build relations - both clients and team, provide recommendations to clients for procedural improvements. Bhavya vouches for one element - ACCURACY. Regardless of the project he works on, he ensures that the delivery is done on timely basis and that the quality is never compromised!

He believes in understanding the client’s product or service which enables him to design the most simplistic process which will be conducive for the client in the long run. Meeting with client’s deadline is his top priority! The most attractive thing about Bhavya is, he engages himself with the team. Work with fun is his mantra which allows him to focus the most and makes it easier for him to manage his daily tasks and team.


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